Welcome to Future City!

Alfred the future beaver has just graduated from space academy! He’s off to Saturn in just a few days, so it’s time to throw him a party! Navigate the techno hustle and bustle of Future City.


Your standard solid tile that can’t be moved. Great for standing on!


Can only be flipped left and right.


Can only be flipped up and down.

Platform Counter

Instead of flipping, Platform tiles will slide along allowing Ollie use them to get around. This one has a limited number of moves so use them carefully!

Force Fieldworld03_forcefield

You can’t plug a Battery directly into a force field tile, but you can use conduits to give them some juice! Solid when activated, these make some great bridges.

Solid Power Conduitworld03_solidconduit

Your standard solid tile but with a twist! They can’t be moved, but plug a battery into them or use them to complete circuits.

Flip Power Conduitworld03_flipableconduit

Like your solid power conduit, but can flip in all directions. Move around to complete circuits and plug batteries into force fields.

Teleporter Start

Once powered up by a Battery, this fancy gizmo can teleport you to a same colored teleport exit. Stand in the portal area and push the button for a few seconds to activate.

Teleporter Exit

Colour matched to the same Teleporter start, this is the landing zone for a teleporter. These can be moved around the level.


Batteries help keep Future city buzzing! They plug into conduits which will activate force fields and they also can plug into teleporters.


Cyber bramble is dangerous in Future city. To touch this tile means the end for our furry friend!


Running low on moves? This high energy party cake will help! Grab it to gain 5 extra moves.


Shiny money that Ollie likes to spend on hats. These will also block the movement of tiles.


Marks the end of a level. This is where your standard party cannon will sit.