Home of the Flippin’ Tiles

Oh no…somebody forgot Stewart’s birthday. Ollie wants to cheer him up by throwing him a surprise birthday party. Travel through all the levels of Flippin’ Fields collecting Stewart’s favorite things to throw the perfect party.


Your standard solid tile that can’t be moved. Great for standing on!


A basic flipping tile. These will move up and down as well as left and right.


Can only be flipped left and right.


Can only be flipped up and down.


Works like your basic flipping tile except that it has a limited number of moves, so use them carefully!


Can’t be moved but will crumble every time Ollie walks on to it. When the number runs out it will crumble away! You can also crumble it faster by tapping and holding on it for a sec.


Nobody likes the prickly bramble tile. To touch it means the end for our furry friend. Avoid these guys!


Running low on moves? This high energy party cake will help! Grab it to gain 5 extra moves.


Shiny money that Ollie likes to spend on hats. These will also block the movement of tiles.


Marks the end of a level. This is where your standard party cannon will sit.