Welcome to Flip-a-doo!

Explore the colorful worlds of Flipper Fox . Each world has their own unique twist on how flipping tiles is done!



Learn by Doin’

Ollie is just starting out on his adventures and he’ll show you how to get around his world.  Master the tricks of flipping your way to the end of the level.

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Flippin’ Fields

Oh no… somebody forgot Stewart’s birthday. Ollie wants to cheer him up by throwing him a surprise birthday party.  Travel through all the levels of Flippin’ Fields collecting Stewart’s favorite things to throw the perfect party.

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Twilight Boogie

Oh wow! Terrance the bat got a new job as an investment banker! No better time for a cave party! Help Ollie spelunk through the moonlit wonder caves and collect awesome gifts for the celebration.

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Future City

Alfred the future beaver has just graduated from space academy! He’s off to Saturn in just a few days, so it’s time to throw him a party! Navigate the techno hustle and bustle of Future City.

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