We see the frontier of gaming, the future possibilities and the opportunities to innovate.

We bring the important lessons we have learned through over 20 years experience that benefit you; the gamer, the player, the customer.

Celago is about challenge, play and entertainment.

These pillars form the foundation of each new title.


Mobile games that challenge and entertain – a winning combination.There are two important words that form the backbone of Celago. Experience and Curiosity.

Experience acknowledges that the studio has been there before. It understands that during its time, the studio has innovated and experimented. Great outcomes come from fine tuning, practice and learning. Any good chef will test a recipe and hone the exact timing, ingredients and flavours until they can be proud of it.

At Celago, we have been in business for more than 20 years. And while the feedback loop of a chef can be measured in hours, it takes months and years to make games, each time teaching you a little more about your development, and your understanding of games.

Experience means we have innovated, experimented, calibrated, learned and strengthened to deliver the best results.

All of this happens because every person at Celago is curious.

Without Curiosity, nobody steps forward. Without Curiosity, nobody take a chance. Learning and progress can only come from taking chances. Take all the inputs and knowledge you have, and then twist it to gain a new perspective. Recombine your inputs and bring unlikely thoughts together.

Curiosity means that you never believe you have arrived at a destination. We’re always seeking more and questioning to find another thread. And of course, Curiosity is at the heart of the word Play.

We’ll keep on creating, and thank you for all of your current and future support.


Celago (pronounced Sell-Ah-Go) develops and publishes games and entertainment content. Established in Melbourne in 1994 as a startup focused on original content, Celago has history with some of the biggest brands and names in entertainment.

  • Company Name: Celago (parent company Torus Games Pty Ltd)
  • Business: Entertainment Applications
  • Founded: April 20th, 1994
  • CEO: Bill McIntosh
  • Corporate Headquarters: 52-62 Stud Road, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia
  • Employees: 30+